One Person Exhibitions
  2018 Drawn In, Art Helix Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2015  Winter Laundry Part 2 .Edward Williams Gallery Fairleigh Dickinson University NJ
2014  Winter Laundry .Art Helix at Harrison Place Bushwick Brooklyn  curated by Bonnie Rychlak
1997 Bucknell University PA  Indoor and outdoor sculpture and drawings.
1993 S.O.F.A  at Horodner Romley Gallery NYC  Evaporation Tanks
1990  Ceder Crest College  Tompkins  Gallery Allentown PA
1989 John Davis Gallery  NYC
1987  Sculpture Space “work in progress” Utica NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
  2018 Black and W and Re(a)d All Over, Galerie Toolbox, Berlin, Germany
2018 Black and W and Re(a)d All Over: Part II, Huuto Gallery, Helsinki Finlan
2018 Response, Founder’s Hall Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
2018 Response, Galerie Toolbox, Vox Populi Print Collective, Berlin, Germany
2018 SCOPE Basel, Vox Populi Print Collective, Basel, Switzerland
2018 Jay Street Art, Vox Populi, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Vox Populi: Response, Art Helix, Brooklyn, NY
2016 Art Exchange, Candid Arts Trust, London England
2016 "Disputed Borders" at Art Helix, Brooklyn, curated by Wilson Duggan
2016 "2 Missiles", Braddock Park NJ
2016 "Black, White, Re(a)d All Over" at Art Helix, Brooklyn, curated by Peter Hopkins/Janet Goleas
2016 "2 Missiles" at Art Helix NYC
2015 Winter Laundry  Guttenberg Arts Braddock Park NJ
2015 Winter Laundry ,Washington Park  NJ
2015  Art Helix at Mona Lisa “Bushwick 1”NYC
2012 Bogart Salon “Citydrift/Bushwick “ curated by Bonnie Rychlak /Peter Hopkins NYC
1999 ES Vandam ART 39-48-59 NYC
1996 ART/OMI Invitational Sculpture Exhibition
1996 New York Studio School ‘Closed and Open Form”.curated by Michael Brenson
1994 Horodner/Romley Gallery”The Press” monoprints  NYC
1994 Horodner/Romley Gallery :For Appearances Sake” NYC  curated by Saul Ostrow
1994 Newhouse Center  Snug Harbour  SI curated by Alice Yang
1992 Art et Amicitiae  Amsterdam Netherlands  curated bySaul Ostrow and Peer Veneman
1991 Trenkman Gallery “Water”NYC
1991 Usdan Gallery “Triangle Artists “ Bennington Vermont.
1991 Proctor Art Center  “Drawings’ Bard College NY curated by John Lees
1990 Philippe Staib Gallery “Sculpture” NYC
1990 Weatherspoon Museum “Art In The Abstract “Greensboro NC
1989 Cyrus Gallery “Three Sculptors “ NYC
1989 Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art “Staten Island Invitational “ NYC
1988 John Davis Gallery NYC
1988 University of Massachusetts at Amherst “24 Cubes “ curated by Saul Ostrow
1988 Mission West Gallery “Geometrism” NYC
1987 Westby Art Gallery Glassboro state College NJ
1986 Empire State Park “Liberty Celebration Outdoor Sculpture  NYC
1986 Federal Courthouses Manhattan and Brookly “Decisions & Divisions “NYC
1986 Federal Plaza “project America “ NYC
1986 New York Studio School 20th Anniversary Retrospective .NYC
1985 Empire State Park  3rd Annual outdoor sculpture exhibit NYC
1984 Federal Court House Manhatten “Waterfront Art’
1983 The Drawing Center “Selections 21 “ NYC
1981 Whitworth Art Gallery “Northern Young Contemporaries  Manchester England

  New York Studio School .of Drawing Painting and Sculpture
Manchester Polytechnic. Manchester England  BA Hons
W.R.Tuson College,Preston England

Grants, Awards, Fellowships
  Royal College of Art .Sir James Knott Travel Award  ,London England
New York Studio School Sculpture Sculpture Fellowship
Sculpture Space  Utica NY
Triangle Workshop 1991 NY

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